Odakyu Electric Railway Co., Ltd. President&CEO Shigeru Suzuki

 Under our management philosophy of “The Odakyu Group helps its customers create ‘irreplaceable times’ and ‘rich and comfortable lifestyles,’” the approximately 100 companies of the Odakyu Group are engaged in a range of businesses, including transportation, real estate, digital technologies, and lifestyle services, primarily in the Tokyo and Kanagawa area.

 This management philosophy expresses the meaning of Odakyu’s existence in a changing business environment and incorporates the philosophy held at the time of Odakyu’s foundation, namely, “to prosper together with the areas alongside our railway lines.” Amid harsh competition, I am convinced that, to ensure that customers choose Odakyu, thoroughly pursuing “ease of living” for customers and meeting their expectations will lead to the maximization of Group value. And in that process, I believe that it is crucial that we hold steadfast to our stance of facing all our stakeholders with sincerity.

 In 2021, to adapt to the changing business environment and achieve the realization of our management philosophy and further business growth, we formulated a management vision, “UPDATE Odakyu — Becoming a Community-Based Value Creation Company.”

 Under this management vision, in the lead-up to our 100th anniversary and into our next 100 years, we will strive to update our business model to that of a community-based value creation company. To grow together with communities along the Odakyu Line and in the areas where we operate our business, we will create new values in communities, such as customer experience and reduced environmental burden, by striving to think outside the box and continuously taking on challenges.

 Specifically, viewing sustainability-oriented management as our foundation, we will take advantage of the potential of the more advantaged areas along our lines and the Odakyu strengths that we have built up over many years as we conduct our business. Further, as well as promoting community development by expanding from the concept of doing business in the areas along our lines, a concept that focuses on transport between the suburbs and the city center, to a concept that encompasses entire areas centered on core cities, we will strengthen the real estate domain and promote the exploration and growth of new businesses using digital technologies to optimize our business portfolio. Through promotion of these measures, we hope to evolve into a community-based value creation company.

 Going forward, the individual companies of the Odakyu Group will steadily play their respective roles and, through Group collaboration, work hard to be a company that is trusted and that will grow and prosper together with society. I thank you for your ongoing patronage and support.

April 2024

Odakyu Electric Railway Co., Ltd. President&CEO Shigeru Suzuki